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How is MESCOM organized to provide services?
  • MESCOM is headed by a Managing Director.
  • MESCOM has one operating zone namely Mangalore Zone headed by Chief Engineer (Electricity), Mangalore.
  • The Zone is divided into 4 circles. Each Circle is headed by a Superintending Engineer (Ele.,) at Mangalore, Udupi, Shimoga, & Chikmagalur
  • Each Circle is divided into Divisions and each of which are headed by an Executive Engineer (Ele).
  • Each Division is further divided into Sub-Divisions, which are headed by Assistant Executive Engineer (Ele).


How do I apply for a new electricity connection in the following categories?

  • lighting / combined lighting and heating installations of domestic (AEH), non-domestic / non-commercial categories.
  • Commercial lighting installations.
  • Application: The application in the prescribed form shall be registered at the jurisdictional section / sub division office on payment of registration-cum-processing fee.
  • Procedure: For permanent supply, along with the application you need to have to register application with proof of ownership / occupation documents, attested true copies or photostat copies of the documents showing the proposed location of the meter board prepared by the Licensed Electrical Contractor and Agreement on Rs.100/- stamp paper in the standard format.
  • Deposits: Necessary deposits and supervision charges shall be payable by the Applicant duly executing the agreement.
  • Time Frame: The installation will be serviced within 1 month from the date of receipt of the contractor's completion-cum-test report along with the wiring diagram (provided the installation has been wired up as per the completion report and wiring diagram)


What is Bhagya Jyothi Scheme?

  1. Bhagya Jyothi is a scheme sponsored by the Government for providing electricity to the economically weaker sections of society. In this scheme, only one bulb is allowed to be used by the consumer.


What is the basis on which MESCOM fixes the tariff for consumption of power?

  1. MESCOM submits tariff proposal to Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC). KERC calls for objections from the general public and stake holders. After conducting public hearing and duly considering petitioner's objections, KERC approves the tariff.


Where and how can I make the payment of electricity bills?

  • You can pay the monthly bills either by cash or cheque at the jurisdictional cash counters in Sub Divisional offices.
  • At mobile cash counters


What is the penalty for late or non-payment of electricity bill?

  • In the case of belated payment, interest will be levied at the rate of 1% per month on actual number of days of delay from the expiry of due date.
  • If the consumer fails to pay the bill amount within a period of 15 days from the presentation of the bill, the installation is liable for disconnection.


Will the MESCOM replace the old meters with newer and advanced meters? If so, do I have to pay additional fee for the new meter?

  1. MESCOM has plans to replace the old meters by high precision meters in a phased manner. However, difference in meter security deposit if required will be collected from the consumer except for IP Set Consumers.


What arrangements has MESCOM made to trim the branches of road side trees touching overhead cables?

  1. Tree branches will be trimmed to the barest minimum to avoid interruptions.


What is power theft?

  1. Whom and how do I report to in MESCOM about the power theft? Hooking directly to the      electric lines and tampering of meter constitutes theft of power. Citizens can contact Jurisdictional Vigilance Police in MESCOM for reporting power theft.


Where can I obtain a copy of the Consumer Charter to demand better services?

  1. Consumer Charter is available at all offices of MESCOM.


If I have the following grievances, whom do I contact and what should I do?


  • Delay in the sanction of power: Assistant Executive Engineer Electrical {AEE(E)} / Assistant Engineer (Technical) {AE(T)} of the Sub-division; Executive Engineer (Electrical) {EE(El)} of the division.
  • Harassment / demanding of bribes by the officials of MESCOM: Higher Officers of MESCOM.
  • Not satisfied with the services of the Electrical Contractor: Government Electrical Inspectorate / Higher Officers of MESCOM.
  • Billing errors: You can contact Assistant Accounts Officer (AAO) / Senior Assistant (SA) of the accounting unit / Soujanya counter of the Sub-division / Section Officer.
  • Faulty meters: You can contact Assistant Engineer Operations and Maintenance {AE(O&M)} Junior Engineer Operations and Maintenance {JE(O&M)} Soujanya Counter of the Sub-division / Section Officer
  • Restoring the power supply after temporary disconnection: You can contact the AEE / AAO of the Sub-division / AE(O&M) /JE(O&M) / Section Officer


Community Problems:

  • Street light problems: Municipal Authorities / Corporations, local office / Local Authority; AEE(Ele.) MESCOM / Local Authority in charge of the street lights / Street light maintenance.
  • Power outage: Service Station of the Sub-division / AE(O&M) / JE(O&M) / Section Officer / Line man in the Lineman Camp.
  • Low Voltage: Service Station of the Sub-division / AEE(Ele) / AE(O&M) / JE(O&M) / Section Officer / Lineman in the Lineman Camp
  • Power cables running dangerously low: AE / AEE / EEE of the jurisdictional sub division / division
  • Transformers / cable boxes posing hurdles to pedestrians: AE / AEE / EEE of the jurisdictional sub division / division.


What is KERC? Under what circumstances can I, as a customer approach KERC for redressal of grievances.

  1. Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Authority (KERC), formed under Electricity Reforms Act is responsible for regulating power Tariff in the State. KERC is also responsible for Regulating Power Transmission / Distribution / Generation activities in the State.

    If you have grievances pending to be redressed with the licences, you can approach KERC for the redressal of the same.

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