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MESCOM's ideal mission is to become one of the best licensed companies in the country. To achieve this, the company proposes a 5-year business plan. During this period the following will be given priority.

  • Increasing revenue. Increase new sales, increase new customers by replacing scalable scales and provide quality electricity.  
  • Reducing costs. Reducing the cost of purchasing power, minimizing power purchase costs, and controlling operating and maintenance costs and inventory supplies can achieve cost reduction.·        
  • Reducing technical and commercial losses. Doing repairs and maintenance work systematically, in the burden centers, the H.T. And L.T. Optimize system network by adding lines and new converters to reduce technical loss.
  • Identify and regularize unauthorized plants, control theft, reduce commercial losses by billing the plants appropriately. 
  • Improving supply quality and better industrial relations. A large part of the revenue comes from industrial plants.
    So MESCOM strives to deliver high quality electricity with minimal interruptions to keep these customers happy. Industrial feeders are being exempted as much as possible during power outages. These six subdivisions are identified as Red Zone of Beerur, Kadur, Tarikere and Marine Division Sohraba, Shikaripur and Hosanagar. Under system reform, it is decided to reduce the number of failover modifiers by installing at least 50 new and additional converters each year in the subdivision.· 
  • Mitigate the failure of distribution protocols. The following steps will be taken to reduce the failure rate of distribution converters.L.T.


  •          Management of routes. 
  •          Relocate converters to load centers Reducing the length of routes.
  •          Implementation of low capacity converters instead of high capacity converters at load centers.
  •          Maintaining the converter stations periodically.
  •          Increase employee productivity.


  • As part of the reform agenda, the financial system of each of these companies is being restructured and is in the process of being approved by the Government of Karnataka. The redesign of the financial system is the government's track record, which includes the following five years:


  •            System inputs.        
  •            Loss of delivery.        
  •            Power purchase cost.        
  •            Classic growth rates.        
  •            Sales, revenue demand, storage efficiency.        
  •            Receivable and payable level.
  •            Projected expenditure.


  • To reach the above expectation, a detailed plan should be prepared that addresses the level of performance of the subdivisions. Once these criteria are identified, all field units must be assigned a target that can be calculated. Provide the necessary equipment, human resources and information technology systems to achieve this goal. You need to develop a monitoring and reporting system to periodically update performance

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