Vision and Mission



We have contributed to the economic development of the society by providing quality electricity to our customers at very competitive rates and improving the conditions of society.



We have the following mission to make Mescom a financially independent, pro-consumer concern.


  • 100% Metering, Meter Reading, Billing and Collection.
  • 100% Electical Disconnection to Offenders.
  • Limiting the loss of distribution to 15 per cent.
  • 100% error free computerized billing.
  • 100% of the selected feeders will be brought to the Reliable Power Supply Index.
  • Accurate data collection and reporting.
  • Encouraging for efficient electricity usages and providing better service to customers at reasonable rates.



  • Focussed and Responsive towards Consumers
  • Being Commercially Efficient.
  • Result Oriented Acitivities
  • Employee well-being and welfare.

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